JYD Struts

JYD Struts
Junk Yard Dog Struts
Greenlawn Fire District, NY
JYD Struts
Junk Yard Dog Struts
Greenlawn Fire District, NY
Junk Yard Dog Industries.  Struts
Keeping It Simple

There are struts on the market that will lift cars 10' in the air and there are others that are able to support walls, tall buildings and cave-ins.  These are not those struts.  

Junk Yard Dog Struts are designed to support the MVA we see most everyday.  Rolled over cars, light trucks and other vehicles that require quick and secure stabilization.    When the heat is on you need your heavy rescue crew to stabilize that vehicle as fast and as secure as possible.    Spending time explaining how to assemble, how to size and how to set up your struts is something we just don't have time for.   Grab a JYD Strut, adjust the head height and crank down the straps.   Each JYD Strut has its own supplies in the bag mounted right on the side, so you won't be searching for straps and heads in the rig.   Grab it, set it, you're done.  
JYD  X-Tend Struts
Junk Yard Dog X-Tend Struts. Remove pin and lift mast for height adjustment.
JYD Z-Strut
Junk Yard Dog, Z-Strut.
Just lift mast for instant height adjustment.
Junk Yard Dog Industries 
XTend Struts.

The XTend Struts are adjusted by pulling the safety pin and raising and lowering the mast to one of 4-possible heights.   Final tension adjustment is made by pulling the bottom of the strut towards the load with the ratcheting strap.

Each strut contains everything you need right in the attached bag.  Including: Ratchet Strap, Axle Strap, Witches Hat head, Angled Head and the Flat Head with 2-30 degree up-angled edges.   There is a picket for anchoring the strut in soft ground and the base is Rhino Coated to limit slipping on smooth pavement. 

One operator can carry and set two struts in the time it takes to set up some competitive struts.  

Imagine just one first responder can set two struts on one side of a vehicle in just moments.  JYD Struts are simple, safe and secure.

Struts are sold in sets of 2 (Large,  Medium or Small) or in a system consisting of 2-Large and 2-small struts   
Junk Yard Dog Industries

The Z-Struts just make your job easier.  To raise and lower the mast, just lift up on the head to the desired height.  The Zip-Nut will lock solid at that height.   You can make final trim adjustments by turning the Zip-Nut right or left to raise or lower the mast.   Final tension adjustment is made in the usual fashion by pulling the bottom of the strut towards the load with the ratchet strap.

Each Strut contains everything you need in the attached bag, including the Ratchet Strap, Axle Strap, Witches Hat head, Angled head and flat head with angled edges.   As with the X-Tend strut there is a picket for anchoring in soft ground and the base is Rhino Coated to limit slippage on smooth pavement.  

Simple, Set on ground, lift head till it contacts the load, set the straps and crank in the base.  Done.  

Z-Struts are sold in sets of 2 (Large, Medium or Small) or a system consisting of 2-large and 2-small struts 
JYD XTEND Adjustment
JYD XTEND Adustment
JYD Z-Strut Adjustment
Junk Yard Dog Z-Strut Adjustment

P/N JYD-XRS SYS.  2-Small G-Force + 2- Large Nightmare $2700.00
P/N JYD-XRS L.     2-Large NIghtmare Struts  $1430.00
P/N JYD-DRS M     2-Medium Nighmare Struts $1405.00 * NEW *
P/N JYD-XRS S      2-Small G-Force Struts  $1249.00

Pricing  Z-STRUTS

P/N JYD-ZRS SYS  2-Small G-Force + 2-Large Nightmare  $5,000.00
P/N JYD-ZRS L  2-Large Nightmare Zip Nut Struts $2,750.00
P/N JYD-ZRS-M 2-Madium Nightmare Zip Nut Struts $2,500.00 * NEW*
P/N JYD-ZRS S  2-Small G-Force Zip Nut Struts  $2,350.00