Power Hawk Auto Crib-It
Power Hawk
Auto Crib-It.

Safely crib loads, automatically.

Auto Crib-It follows the load up, so you dont have to. 
Power Hawk Auto-Crib It
Power Hawk Auto Crib-It.
Standard Size AC-14
Power Hawk Auto Crib-it
Power Hawk Auto Crib-It
AC-17 Large set
Power Hawk AC14
Use Auto Crib-It for any load you need to stabilize, within its rating.
Power Hawk AC14
Use with any lifting means to automatically chock and stabilize load
Power Hawk AC17
Tuck it under the car, avoid on-scene tripping hazards
Power Hawk AC-17
Stabilize Small Trucks and SUV's
Power Hawk Auto Crib-It.

  • Piston-actuated for stabilizing vehicles and other loads in seconds
  • Automatically re-adjusts and locks during operations
  • Rino-Coated bottom to prevent slipping on pavement surfaces.
  • Can be positioned completely under and parallel to rocker panels to avoid tripping hazards
  • Designed for vehicle stabilization but can be used on any load within its rating.
  • Lightweight but strong.  Made from high-strength aluminum
  • Easy decontamination.   Just rinse it off, it will not soak up body fluids, fuels or oils

Specifications and ordering information
Power Hawk AC14

Standard Size

Auto Crib-It AC14 Standard Size. 
Dimensions: Closed 18" Long X 4" Wide x 2.75" High
Capacity: 2000 Lbs Per Crib-It
Sold in Pairs only.   $948.00 per pair.
Power Hawk AC17

Large Size

Auto Crip-It AC17 Large Size
Dimensions: Closed 36" Long x 6" Wide x 3" High
Capacity: 2,800 Lbs Per Crib-It
Sold in Pairs only.   $1148.00 per pair.