Filling Cylinders
Filling Cylinders at Nassau County Fireman's Training Center circa 2005
Fire Show
One of our earlier fire shows.

Coastal Fire Systems is a full line firefighting equipment and service provider.  All of our products and services are offered with only one thing in mind.   "Will they provide our customers with outstanding value?"  

We sell only the finest brands and only those that have been tried and tested in the fire industry.   Scott Health & Safety, Quaker, North American Fire Hose, Pelican, Foxfury, ResQtec, PowerHawk, Tempest, Blowhard, Junk Yard Dogs, Haix, Boston Leather, CMC, Mustang and Petzl to name a few. 

Coastal Fire Systems services the products we sell.  In addition to High Pressure Breathing Air Service, our mechanics perform full field service on Scott Air Paks, including flow testing.  Our Mobile Hydrostatic Test Center can re-certify your SCBA cylinders right at your firehouse.   Imagine the convenience of having all of your SCBA cylinders hydrostatically tested and refilled right on site all at once. 

Our web site is brand new.  We are building it as fast as we can.  You can expect many changes in our site as we continue to add content.  Please call if there is anything you need that you don't see here.  Chances are we carry it but just haven't gotten it on our site yet.  Please visit often and let us know what you think.  

Coastal Fire Systems, Shining A New Light On Service

Nassau County Liz & Jim
Liz & Jim Filling Cylinders at Nassau County Fireman's Training Center
NYC World Games
Filling Cylinders at the NYC World Games at the site of the new World Trade Center